Current Date & Time: August 20, 2018, 6:45 GMT

Round 453 - Prizes ends in 3 days, 15 h, 14 m, 42 s

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Become A Mobster - Rule the Mafia - Demand Respect!

Mobster Boss is a free online mafia game of skill, and social community. Nothing to download! Sign up is easy! But the competition is fierce. No other game can come close to the features we have to offer! Play from your computer, or any mobile device that has internet access.

In the dark underworld of La Cosa Nostra, strategy, skill, and attitude will get you far. Respect is earned. If you are tough, and smart enough to survive, the world wide community of Mobster Boss awaits you! The toughest mafia game on the internet.

Join a Mafia Family, start your own, or run solo. But above all, watch your back!

Each round lasts 10 days, and is hard fought at every level of play! When one round ends, another starts. You always have a chance to Rule the Mafia!


Mobster Boss is much more than a Free Online Mafia Game of skill
It is a World Wide Social Community!


Round 453 - Prizes
Mobster Boss Round 453 - Prizes is a 10 day round with good turns rate and Bonus Reserve Distribution

The "Per 10 minute Turns Rate" is the normal rate. They will be as follows:

Normal = 60 Turns per 10 minutes. Account max = 6,000
Sub 1 = 90 Turns + 40 Turns added to Reserves per 10 minutes. Account max = 9,000
Sub 2 = 120 Turns + 80 Turns added to Reserves per 10 minutes. Account maxes = 12,000

The following Bonus Reserve Turns will be distributed on the various of the Day 2, 4, 6, and 8 Marks of Round 453

Normal................... 10,000 Reserve Turns
Sub 1 ($10 Sub).... 20,000 Reserve Turns
Sub 2 ($20 Sub).... 30,000 Reserve Turns

Plus a special sub bonus of a few 100 thousand reserves!! This may be the last round that this is done!!

Expired Subs do not qualify for the accelerated Bonus Distributions.

Family size is 15.

Mobster Boss Staff

August 13, 2018 3:14 pm
Mobster Testimonial
"The Most Extraordinary Mobster Game Ever If Your Not On It Already I Urge You To Join Up Fast Cause The Community, Features, and Overrall Game Play

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