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Round 550 - Swing ends in 12 h, 53 m, 59 s

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Game Rules

  1. At no time during the time you are playing should you ever get the idea that you can cheat and win. If we find out that you have been cheating, you will be removed from the game. This is a major rule in our game and there is ZERO tolerance for cheating.  Cheating by incorporating any type of AUTO-REFRESH routine, program, script, bot, or in any way giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players, as deemed so by Mobster Boss Staff, will result in your possible ban from the game.
  2. You are allowed to play the game using 1 player account.  This means 1 player, 1 account, per computer.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Additionally, no other accounts are allowed to access the game using a computer that has accessed the game using a different account during any 1 round.  If you are running out of turns, buy turns.   If we find out you are signing up under different names (creating multis), using a computer to access different accounts, or allowing more than one person to have access to an individual account, we will remove you from the game entirely.
  3. You are responsible for anything you do using your IP address.  Racial slurs, pornography, and leaking real life personal information of others is a violation of our rules and policies.
  4. Don't abuse the RULES. They are set up to allow you to play the game. If you do abuse them and you are banned, from either that particular round or our site, don't complain. We have given you fair warning here, in the rules, and we do reserve the right to remove, ban, or deny service to anyone at our sole discretion without warning or notice.
  5. Leaking is allowed in our game, but not if you tell others on our message boards to give someone an advantage in winning. Remember not everyone plays for free, and we must sometimes take measures to protect our supporters.  Leaking is defined as: "Allowing your in game cash and assets to be compromised by not protecting with defensive units, or other measures, including, but not limited to the bank."

  6. Effective September 7, 2008 at 2200hrs UTC (6:00 PM EDT), "maxing" between account holders accessing Mobster Boss from the same Internet Protocol (IP) address is not permitted. "Maxing" is defined as follows: Attacking another Mobster to cause his/her attack IN count to get to 20 or more, while suffering minimal losses to oneself. "Minimal Losses" is defined as follows: The loss of less than 1000 defensive units, to either Mobster, in any one given attack. "Defensive units" counted are the combination of hitmen, thugs, and bodyguards that are lost in any attack. Violations of this rule may result in the attack count of the "maxed" player to be set to the level it was prior to the "maxing" of that player. Furthermore, losses will not be restored to either player involved in the maxing attempt. Players who access Mobster Boss and continuously abuse this rule will be suspended from Mobster Boss and may be banned permanently. There is no appeal process with respect to this rule, and it is not open to interpretation.
  7. Use our Message Boards, Bathroom Wall and Forums for game purposes only and USE THEM WISELY!  Personally identifying information, threats of physical violence, or racial/ethinic slurs, about anyone, including yourself, is not allowed, permitted, or tolerated, in anyway, to be posted to the Message Boards, Bathroom Wall, Forums, or anywhere else on our servers. Keep in mind that these servers are private servers, and we reserve the right to allow or deny anyone the use of our servers/service, as we deem necessary. If we find something we deem inappropriate posted in our Forums, the Bathroom Wall, the Message Boards, profile description, status update, and/or personal messages or anywhere on our servers, we will/can take action against the player which may include any and/or all of the following:
  • Suspending posting privileges without warning, or notice.
  • Suspending messaging privileges without warning, or notice
  • Round Ban withut warning, or notice
  • Game Ban without warning, or notice
  1. A separate message board called Mobster Gods has been established for you to post a problem or issue about the game.  If you have a problem or issue, you will make direct contact with Mobster Boss Administration by posting there.  Admin will respond to your concerns there. Additionally, all communication between a player/member and Mobster Boss Administrators, whether it be on the Mobster Gods Board, or communication to or from Administrators, is not to be forwarded, sent with CC to any other player/member, copied/pasted and sent to any other player/member, posted to the forums, message boards, family boards, or published in any way by any player/member. In the interest of account privacy, violation of this rule can result in your being banned from the site entirely at our (Mobster Boss Administration) discretion.

  2. MURO DEL BAGNO - The "MURO DEL BAGNO" is a feature we used to have and it was previously called the "Shoutbox!". A direct translation of "MURO DEL BAGNO" means "Bathroom Wall". The rules are simple - all postings must comply with the game rules and the Forum Rules. Postings are limited to 100 characters. Although you can post anonymously, Mobster Boss Administrators actually see the origin of all postings. Rest assured, if you chose to post anonymously, no one but Mobster Boss Administrators can see who actually made a post. Should you chose not to follow the rules, the following options are available to Mobster Boss Administrators: Delete Post, Freeze MURO DEL BAGNO Privileges, Round BAN, and/or Game BAN.
  3. The promotion of other games/businesses, within this site, is prohibited.  That includes any endorsements, or the posting of referral links, or encouraging others to leave this site.  You will be banned instantly, without exception, for doing this.
  4. Mobster Names:  You may not use profanity as part of your Mobster name in any Round.  You may use anything you want that meets the guidelines other than profanity.  What is profanity according to our rules?  Use common sense.  If you don't, we will.
  5. Family Names:  You may not use profanity as part of your Family name in any Round.  You may use anything you want that meets the guidelines other than profanity.  What is profanity according to our rules?  Use common sense.  If you don't, we will.
  6. Family Media and Personal (Mobster) Media & Icons:  Once again, use good judgement.  This is an adult-themed gamed and registration is restricted to those over 18 years of age.  Mild adult content is acceptable, but don't push it.  If we deem something unacceptable, we will tell you to remove it, or we will remove it, and you will be notified.  If we deem any media/pic blatantly unacceptable, we may possibly remove it upon discovery, without notice.  Don't ask for an explanation as to why, either.  Common sense is the key.  Remember, its our server - not yours.  If you fail to heed our warning(s), you may be banned entirely from the game, at our discretion.  Also, you are not allowed to run duplicate icons from another family in any one round.
  7. Rounds - All Rounds are ten (10) days in length.  We may adjust the game clock to account for shifts between DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME (DST) and STANDARD TIME (ST).
  8. Credit cards and e-checks are available for you to purchase turns via AlertPay.  There is no need to tell you that fraudulent use of them is illegal.  If you should decide to use them fraudulently, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and you will automatically be removed from the game.  We will provide AlertPay with all necessary information required by them to assist them in conducting their own investigation, should you commit a fraud.
  9. You are allowed to quit playing any game that you sign up for as long as you are just a member of a family.  If you are the Boss of a Family, please hand the power over to another Family member prior to quitting, or disband the family.  but if you are the founder of the crew, disband it first, so your other Family members know to go play with another Family.
  10. There are 3 levels of players in Mobster Boss:
  • FREE PLAYER - A player who buys neither subscription nor bulk turns. At NO TIME will the turns won in free ranks ever qualify a free rank player any prize other than the Free Rank Prize. A "free player" may, however, add "free credits" to a round without his/her "status" being affected. "Free players" receive turns at the rate of 30 turns every ten (10) minutes for the duration of a Round. Players with NORMAL status are only eligible for NORMAL prizes as listed on the Winnings Board in the Round.
  • SUBSCRIPTION PLAYER - A player who purchases a "Subscription" that will increase the time increment turns output. Once the "Subscription Player" uses 10 000 or more credits (not free credits), that player will become a "Supporter" level player. The subscription purchased will still be in effect to increase the turns output, but once 10 000 or more credits, won or purchased, are brought by this level of player, he shall become a "Supporter" level player, qualified only to win a "Supporter" level prize. A "Subscription Player" may, however, add "free credits" to a round without his/her "status" being affected. Subscriber Level I Players (10$) receive turns at the rate of 45 turns every ten (10) minutes (35 turns + 10 reserve turns) for the duration of their subscription. Subscriber Level II Players (20$) receive turns at the rate of 70 turns every ten (10) minutes (50 turns + 20 reserve turns) for the duration of their subscription. All subscriptions last ten (10) days from the date and time of purchase. No player with SUBSCRIBER status in any Round is eligible for the Grand Prize. Players with SUBSCRIBER status are only eligible for SUBSCRIBER prizes as listed on the Winnings Board in the Round. All "turns rates" are subject to change without notice.
  • SUPPORTER PLAYER - A player who purchases bulk quantity turns and adds 10 000 or more credits to a given round. This player can also have a subscription, but is only qualified to win "Supporter" level prizes, including the "Grand Prize", if any. Supporter players receive turns at the Normal player rate or at the Subscriber Level I or II rate - This is all relative to whether or not the Supporter player has an active subscription running at the time. A player may also become a Supporter by adding 10 000 CREDITS that were acquired through previous winnings. This is subject to change without notice.
  1. ADDING CREDITS / FREE CREDITS to a Round:  You may add UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of either type of CREDITS to any Round, unless it is specified, anywhere on the site, that the Current Round running is a CAPPED ROUND.  The amount of CREDITS / FREE CREDITS you can add to a CAPPED ROUND will appear on the BUY CREDITS page of the game.  If no CAP is specified there, then it is not a CAPPED ROUND.

  2. Effective September 30, 2010: If a player directs that any portion of his/her award be deposited into the "MB Cash account" (MB Cash description in #27 of these rules) of another player, that prize is considered paid, and now becomes MB Cash "for use in game only" by the person who it was "gifted" to, and is NOT eligible for any kind of use outside the game.
  3. With 5 days on the mark to go in each round, we will distribute the following Reserve Turns gamewide.
  • Normal Players - 2000 Reserve Turns
  • $10 Subscribers - 4000 Reserve Turns
  • $20 Subscribers - 6000 Reserve Turns
  1. Beginning July 31, 28, 2008, 0000hrs GMT, anyone who makes a(any) purchase(s) of $50 or more, in any given round, will receive a confirmation email from to the email address associated with the respective AlertPay / Paypal account. Confirmation of these purchase(s) by return email from the proper email account will be required within 30 minutes of the request being sent by us. You will also be notified of this email through an "in game" message.
  2. Just remember if you have purchased turns, we cannot give you credit back for them. All turns/credits are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.
  3. CREDITS are a form of turn which can be purchased for money, or won as a result of winning a credits prize in the supporter or subscriber tier.
  4. FREE CREDITS are just normal credits. You can win free credits by ranking in the top 10 in the “free players” tier or in a top 10 family at the end of a round.
  5. Credit Bank:  This contains the amount of CREDITS that you have in your account.  It may NEVER exceed 1 MILLION (1,000,000).  Do not put yourself in a position where it could exceed this because if you accumulate credits that will make you exceed this cap, any CREDITS in excess of this cap are forfeited.
  6. Free Credits Bank:  This contains the amount of  FREE CREDITS that you have in your account.  It may NEVER exceed Two Hundred Thousand (200,000).  Do not put yourself in a position where it could exceed this because if you accumulate FREE CREDITS that will make you exceed this cap, any FREE CREDITS in excess of this cap are forfeited.

  7. MB Cash (Mobster Boss Cash) was designed to reward Mobsters with an equivalent "in game only value" and usage similar to cash that they can use on Mobster Boss to acquire virtual "in game" goods.

    By using MB Cash, one can acquire CREDITS, BOMBS, and/or SUBSCRIPTIONS.

    Awards won by any Mobster, equal to or under 500.00 MB Cash Value, can be placed in the Mobster's MB CASH account at their request for a period of time not to exceed 45 days. If MB Cash balance has not been used within 45 days, Admin, at their discretion, may elect to declare it null and void, and remove it from the account. Any amount in excess of 500.00 MB Cash can nly be awarded in Credits.

    If an award is directed by the original winner to be placed into another player's MB Cash account, it will be then considered paid, and immediately becomes and MB Cash gift from one player to another. It has no actual cash value, and is only eligible to be used "in game."

    Any award that is deposited into a "winning" Mobster's MB Cash account has no actual cash value, but may be used as MB Cash in

    **The maximum amount of MB Cash that any Mobster may have on hand at any given time is, 500.00 MB CASH value, and may not be used in conjunction, or combined with any other form of payment to make, or "create" a larger purchase. Furthermore, an individual's MB Cash cannot be combined with another member's MB Cash, or actual cash purchase to make a larger purchase. There are legal reason for this, so there will be no exceptions.**

    ***MB Cash prizes ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for transfer to any Mobster/Player/Member by the winner of MB Cash. MB Cash prizes will be placed the the account of the person winning that prize. DO NOT ask any Admin staff to transfer MB Cash winnings to another player. Such requests will be denied. Also, if an arrangement has been agreed upon before the end of a round that a person is being placed in a prize winning position (Main Prize or Sub Prize) by another player or group of players, and the intent of this arrangement is that any portion of a prize, as designated by the group involved, is to be placed in MB Cash, this agreement will be honored by the Admin and is not reversible after the round has ended.

    A "LOOT" section is now attached to all Mobster profiles, and the Mobster may view his/her MB Cash on hand at any time. Notes are added to assist Mobster Boss Administration and Mobster Boss account holders so that it remains clear which entries in the MB Cash section have actual US Currency value, and which entries do not. The "LOOT" page may be accessed from the Mobster's Account page upon login to Mobster Boss (

We will set up more rules as we go along. So if you want to be up-to-date, by all means, check the rules frequently.

Special Notes:

If you are purchasing Credits (Turns) or a Subscription for someone else, the following procedures MUST be followed - NO EXCEPTIONS.

  1. Go to the BUY TURNS link and set the USERNAME you are buying for. Do not attempt to set the MAFIOSO name, as it will not work. After pressing the SET button, verify that your friend's USERNAME is now "set". Buy that user whatever you would like.
  2. If, for some reason, you don't know your friend's username, DO NOT BUY TURNS for him/her until you know it. You cannot purchase turns for another person by using their MAFIOSO name. If you try entering a Mafioso name, or if you enter the username incorrectly, it will set itself back to YOUR username, and, in essence, if you fail to check this, you will be buying yourself multiple subs or turns.
  3. If you make an error, and buy for yourself unintentionally, by not checking the "set" username, you have 6 hours from the time of your purchase to post the error you made on the MOBSTER GODS Board, and we will transfer the turns manually or the sub manually to the intended recipient. No consideration will be given otherwise. We will NOT take complaints from "intended recipients" of turns or subsciptions as we have NO WAY to verify the authenticity of their claims. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AT ANYTIME.

**We have thoroughly tested our Paypal system, and they work just fine. Any errors that have occurred are solely the responsibility of the buyer in ALL cases. We have NO access to your Paypal account at all. Any cancellations of subscriptions MUST be done on your end. We cannot "cancel" your subscriptions. Please visit the Paypal site to do this by looking at the details of the subscription transaction, and you will see a link at the top of that details page that says "In reference to....." THAT IS THE LINK TO YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. Visit that link, and manage your subscription from there.**

***Effective July 31, 2011: If you do not log in and become an active participant in a Round for 45 days, your account will become invalid. This is not a violation of the RULES, rather it is Policy. And we will adhere to this Policy. After 45 days, a non-active account will become invalid and inaccessible. If you should want to access the service at this point, you will have to sign up for a new account. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time, at our sole discretion.

****Effective August 29, 2012: If an account is banned for any violation as seen fit by the Staff, that particular account will be banned for good. Never to be activated again. No exceptions.

Even if the person who was banned is able to work something out with the Admin and be allowed back into the game, he/she will then have to make a new account with the approval of the Admin, as the old account will be archived, and the person will lose all medals, credits, and anything else associated with the old account.


Mobster Boss Staff

Revised September 29, 2012.