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Mobster Boss

Game Guide


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  1. Quick Start

    Go to the Hire section to scout for operatives and defensive units, and then go to the Black Market to buy drugs and alcohol to make them happy. You can also buy weapons for your defensive units there. Be sure to keep in mind that weapons not only help raise the happiness of your defensive units, but that defensive units without weapons won't do a thing. Defensive units without weapons are extremely vulnerable and you will lose astronomical amounts of them if they are not armed. It's easy to keep operatives and defensive units happy, but if you don't, they will start leaving you. Start by making some money by collecting money from your casinos, brothels, loan shark operations, and gambling dens. When you get enough turns, hire more operatives and defensive units and repeat the process. When you feel strong and rich enough, you can attack other Mobsters in your range. Be careful! Nobody will let you attack them without seeking revenge. In the Mafia world, an eye costs an eye, an arm, and a leg. Don't forget to protect part of your money in the safe, because you can lose the shirt off your back if somebody mugs you. Be sure to join a family, or start one of your own, since you won't be able to survive by yourself. Finally, enjoy the game as much as you can and watch your back.

  2. Rounds

    Each round lasts for 10 days, in order to make it fair for newcomers. This also gives players more chances to win. Once a round ends, everything starts over from scratch. Mobster names and family names can be changed. Nothing carries over from one round to the next, which means that any money, guns, operative, defensive units, active turns, or reserve turns you have disappear once the round ends. (For more information on types of turns, please refer to the “Turns” section of this guide).

  3. Turns

    Turns are what you use to do everything on the site. Hiring operatives/defensive units, producing drugs, collecting cash, and attacking all costs turns. For example, to do a drive-by attack on someone, it requires 3 turns. To put money into the bank, it requires 20 turns, and to transfer funds to another Mobster, it requires 15 turns.

    There are 4 categories of turns: Active Turns, Reserve Turns, Credits, and Free Credits:

    Active Turns are turns you receive every 10 minutes, the amount of which depends on your subscription level. These turns will continue to build every 10 minutes, until you reach your active turn maximum. It is wise to use active turns, to make sure you continue to get more every 10 minutes.

    Reserve turns, which are located below your active turns, with an option to activate, can be added to your active turns at any point during the round in which they are given. They disappear at the end of the round if they are not used.

    Credits are a form of turn which can be purchased for real money, or won as a result of winning a credits prize in the supporter or subscriber tier.

    Free credits are just normal credits. You can win free credits by ranking in the top 10 in the “free players” tier or in a top 10 family at the end of a round.

    You can purchase credits by visiting and selecting the credit package you are interested in. You can also view how many credits/free credits you have. Credits are turns that can be activated and put into reserves during any round, and do not disappear if you do not activate them. Adding 10000 credits to any given round will make you a supporter. Adding free credits to any given round will allow you keep your player status as it was prior to adding the credits.

    ***Notice regarding Credit and Free Credit limits:

    CREDIT LIMITS - Mobster Boss has an "imposed" limit, or "cap", as to the number of "Credits" and "Free Credits" a player have have in his/her account at any given time.
    The limits are as follows:

    - Credits – 1,000,000 (One Million)
    - Free Credits – 200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand)

    You may "refill" your account with "Credits" to the imposed limit as many times as you wish in any given round.

  4. Net Worth

    Prizes are given to Mobsters at the end of each round based on their net worth. Net worth is calculated in the following manner: Whores ($2,500) + Card dealers ($2,000) + Bootleggers ($1,500) + Hustlers ($1,000) + Punks ($500) + Hitmen ($1,000) + Thugs ($500) + Bodyguards ($500) + cash + bank + 90% value of all Weapons + 90% value of Cars + 90% value of Planes + 50% value of Drugs and alcohol.

  5. Family Net Worth

    Prizes are awarded to members of each family when the family ranks in the top ten (10) at the end of a round. These free credits may be used at anytime in any round. You don’t have to use them all at once, either.

  6. Mobster Status

    Each player has their player status listed in their profile. There are 3 types of player status: Normal, Subscriber, Supporter.

    Supporter: Person who uses a minimum of 10000 credits they purchased or won during a round they had supporter/subscriber status, in any given round.

    Subscriber: Person who is playing and on Level 1 or 2 Subscription. In order to stay in this level without jumping to supporter status, they must not add any regular credits. They may, however, add as many credits they won through family ranks, or while a free player, called "free credits" as they like, and still remain in this level.

    Normal: Person who is a Free Player in a given round. This player has not made a bulk turns purchase and is not a subscriber. The only credits Normal players are able to win are "free credits", which will not change their level to "supporter". This player's status automatically changes if he/she makes a bulk turns purchase and adds a minumum of 10000 credits, or purchases a Subscription, at which time they become a “Subscriber”. If they make a bulk turns purchase, and add a minimum of 10000 of those turns to a round, they become a “Supporter” in that round.

  7. Families

    Mobster Boss simulates the mafia underworld, and gives you the option to join a crime family, which is basically a group of people with similar interests, beliefs, or goals. A family brings you protection, along with the respect of other Mobsters. However, as we all know, respect is earned, not given, so it is up to you to work closely with the rest of your family members in order to succeed in this game. The trust and respect you have for your family members and allies can save your life, but it can also be your downfall. Remember that this is the mafia world and that no matter who tucks you into bed at night, it is best to sleep with one eye open. Families currently have a size limit of 30 Mobsters per family, so be sure to choose the people you work with wisely.

  8. Hiring

    One of the main goals of any Mobster is to be able to build a successful, profitable empire and keep out of prison. The best way to keep out of prison is to pay other people to do your dirty work. In order to have a balanced empire, you will need various types of personnel. In order to find crew members go to the “hire” section, select the type of units you are looking for, and type in the amount of turns you wish to use in order to find them.

  9. Operatives

    Operatives are units that work in your businesses and produce different types of goods. The following operatives can be part of your crew:

    Card dealers - work in your casinos and determine how much cash your tables will roll out.

    Whores – work in your brothels and determine how much cash people will pay for them.

    Bootleggers – work in your speakeasy and determine how much liquor your speakeasy produces.

    Hustlers– work for loan shark operations and help to collect loan payments.

    Punks – work in your gambling den and help to push people to bet.

    The more of each type of operative you have, the more money they are able to collect for you.

  10. Defensive Units

    Defensive units protect your money and your operatives from attacks, and are what you use to attack other Mobsters. The following defensive units can be part of your crew:

    Hitmen – their strength lies in their intelligence. They are the strongest type of defensive unit.

    Thugs – Slightly weaker than hitmen at attacking and very weak when used in a defensive role.

    Bodyguards – Slightly weaker than hitmen at defending and very weak when used in an offensive role.

  11. Happiness

    The happiness level of your crew is one of the most important things to keep track of. If your operatives or defensive units become unhappy, they will start leaving you when you ask them to operate. To keep your operatives happy, they need to be supplied with alcohol, weed, and cocaine. Their happiness also depends on there being defensive units to protect them. Your defensive units need alcohol, weed, and cocaine to be happy. They also insist on having either 4 glocks or 1 AK47 per unit to be happy, or a combination of all guns. Every time your units are called into action, they consume a certain amount of drugs/alcohol. This is why it is important to make sure you have ample amounts of drugs/alcohol before you attack, or collect. It is up to you to figure out how to keep them happy. All we can tell you is that some of each vice is consumed at various times by each defensive unit when you attack. A particular vice is NOT dedicated to a particular defensive unit or operative to keep him/her happy. If you attack a player and your defensive units happiness level falls below 85%, you will lose members of your attacking forces at these rates:

    Loss to Attacker (To be added to his/her losses from the attack he/she carried out. This number is calculated from pre-attack Defensive Units on hand, in order of hierachy, then the attack is carried out):

    85% or greater ----------> None
    Less than 85% but greater than or equal to 70% ----------> 5% of all by hierarchy***
    Less than 70% but greater than or equal to 50% ----------> 10% of all by hierarchy***
    Less than 50% but greater than or equal to 25% ----------> 15% of all by hierarchy***
    Less than than 25% but greater than 0 ----------> 17.5% of all by hierarchy***

  12. Black Market

    The Black Market is where you go to buy anything your units may need, such as drugs, weapons, and transportation. It is also where you can sell all of these items at a reduced price. Every item you buy can be sold for 80% of the amount you paid for them. As stated in the “Happiness” section, the main purpose of drugs and alcohol is to keep your units happy. It is therefore wise to stock up. Weapons are used for attacking, in addition to helping raise the happiness level of your defensive units. There are four types of guns you can buy: glocks, shotguns, uzis and ak-47s. The more expensive the weapon, the more kills it can make. Cars are used to do drive-by attacks, or to steal other Mobster's cars. Each S-Class Limo can fit 5 defensive units.

  13. Produce

    Production of goods is part of your illegal activities. You can use turns to produce coke, weed, alcohol, and fake cash. Your thugs are used to produce coke and weed in you drug lab, your bootleggers are used to produce alcohol in your speakeasy, and your punks are used to create fake money.

  14. Collect

    You can use turns to collect money from the various operatives that work in your businesses. You own casinos, brothels, loan shark operations and gambling dens. Your card dealers are used to run your casino tables, your whores are used to work in your brothels, your hustlers are used to collect loan payments, and your punks are used to push people to bet in your gambling dens.

  15. Cash and the Bank

    Just like the real world, you have the choice between putting your cash into the bank and leaving it “on hand”. The money you use to travel, make purchases, or send to others is the money you have on hand. Keeping money on hand is risky, however. If a Mobster attacks your headquarters and wins, he/she will steal a part of the money you have on hand. It is for that very reason that depositing a part of the money you have on hand into the safe the bank provides is a good idea. You can put 20% of the money you have on hand into the safe, at a rate of 20 turns per deposit. Later, if you wish to add more money to safe, you will have to withdraw all the money you had in there, and deposit 20% of what you have on hand once again. You can withdraw the money you have in the safe at any time, free of charge. The bank is also a place you can make wire transfers to other Mobsters. You may transfer money you have on hand to another Mobster for 15 turns per transfer. The Mobster you are making a transfer to will receive notification of the transfer, and have the choice to accept or deny it. If the Mobster is in your family, he/she may opt to accept transfers automatically. This applies to persons within the same family ONLY.

  16. Attacking

    To attack a player, go to the “attack” menu and select the Mobster in your city you wish to hit. Once you are viewing their profile, click on the “attack” option to be taken to the attack screen and choose the type of attack you wish to attempt. There are 7 types of attacks to choose from. If you see a message in red below an attack, it means the attack cannot be performed by you at this time. The requirements for each attack are explained below:

    Attack on Headquarters – invade the Mobster’s headquarters, and kill their defensive units. If you win the attack, you also steal part of the money the Mobster has on hand. You must have at least ONE defensive unit to perform this attack. The defender must have a minimum of $1 on hand for this attack to show up as available if you meet the requirements to perform this attack.

    Attack on Businesses – invade the Mobster’s businesses in an attempt to kill their operatives. If you win the attack, a portion of your enemy’s operatives are killed, along with the defensive units protecting them. You must have at least ONE defensive unit to perform this attack. The defender must have at least ONE defensive unit or at least one operative for the attack to show up as available if you meet the requirements to perform this attack.

    Drive-By Attack – used purely to kill defensive units of your enemy. You can attack with as many defensive units as can fit into your cars (Each Chrysler 300 can hold 5 defensive units and each Stretch Hummer can hold 10 defensive units). If you perform this attack and you lose, you can say goodbye to the cars that your dead Mobsters arrived on the scene in. The defender of the attack gets them. You must have a minimum of 1 defensive units to perform this attack and a minimum of ONE car on hand. The defender must have at least ONE defensive unit for the attack to show up as available if you meet the requirements to perform this attack.

    Drug Lab Sabotage – used to raid an enemy’s drug labs and steal a portion of their drug supply. You must have at least ONE defensive unit to perform this attack. The defender must not have any defensive units left and must have a minimum of one unit of either alcohol, weed, or coke in his drug labs for the attack to show up as available if you meet the requirements to perform this attack.

    Armory Attack – used to steal a portion of your opponent’s guns. You must have at least ONE defensive unit to perform this attack. The defender must not have any defensive units left and must have a minimum of one of any gun in his armory for the attack to show up as available if you meet the requirements to perform this attack.

    Jacking cars – used in order to steal someone’s cars. You will need to make sure you have enough cars to hold your defensive units, and that all of your enemy’s defensive units are dead in order to perform this attack successfully The more defensive units and cars you have in your garages, the more you’ll be able to jack! You need a minimum of ONE car in your garages and a minimum of 5 defensive units on hand. The defender must not have any defensive units left and must have a minimum of one of either car in his garages for the attack to show up as available if you meet the requirements to perform this attack.

    Stealing planes – used in order to steal someone’s planes. You will need to make sure you have enough planes to hold your defensive units, and that all of your enemy’s defensive units are dead in order to perform this attack successfully. The more defensive units and planes you have in your hangars, the more you’ll be able to steal! You need a minimum of ONE plane in your hangars and a minimum of 15 defensive units on hand. The defender must not have any defensive units left and must have a minimum of one of either plane in his hangars for the attack to show up as available if you meet the requirements to perform this attack.

    Bombing -
    Bombs are available for purchase at a cost of $50.00 (fifty dollars). You may bomb a family only when the following conditions are met:

    The entire target family has lost all of its operatives and defensive units. Players in the family who have $0 (zero dollars) net worth, are not taken into account as active family members, therefore they do not count. If everyone else but them has ZERO defensive units and ZERO operatives, the family may be bombed.

    If you successfully bomb a family, it will be immediately disbanded and it will appear, as a permanent record, in the Hall of Shame. Furthermore, the Boss of that family will no longer be permitted to be a Boss of ANY family for the remainder of the round the bombing takes place in, nor will the bombed Family Name be available to use.

    You can see how many Bombs you have on hand at anytime by reviewing the "My Account" page.

    **During an attack, your defensive units are automatically armed with your best weapons, to make your attacks as efficient as possible.**

  17. Range

    You may attack a Mobster if his/her net worth falls between 1/2 and 4 times your net worth (In order to check your net worth, just go to the main menu). If you go to a person’s profile and you see the option to “attack,” it means they are in your range. If you see “out of range” instead of “attack,” it means that in order to hit them, you must either gain or lose net worth.

  18. Maxing

    There is a limit to the amount of times you can be attacked. The first time you are attacked, you can be hit 24 times. After that, one hit opens each hour you are not hit, until a maximum of 24 open hits is reached. If a person has no open hits, they are “maxed” until the next top of the hour (sometimes referred to as “TOH”). If you are attacked and you win the attacks, the attacks do not count towards your maxing count. Revenge attacks DO NOT COUNT towards "ATTACKS IN" either. If you are hit simultaneously (at the same exact moment) by different players, it counts as the amount of times you were hit and **may** exceed the 24 attack limit. Prior to the top of the next hour, your "ATTACKS IN" will reset to 23, which opens up an attack at the top of the hour. SIMULTANEOUS attacks are very rare, but they do occur, especially if someone is targeted by multiple players.

  19. Revenge

    The revenge option gives you the chance to hit someone back that attacks you. Whenever someone attacks you, you are given a revenge on them for 24 hours after the last attack occurs. For 24 hours, you will be able to hit the player that hit you, even if they are not in your range. You can check your revenges by going to your mail box and clicking on the “revenges” menu. If someone attacks you, you have revenge on them, but beware: if you attack them back, they will have revenge on you too.

  20. Travel

    Traveling is used for a few purposes, namely running away from someone that is trying to kill you, or traveling to find someone to kill. Most families will choose a particular city as their home base, which has pros and cons. One pro is that you will have your family’s protection while you are in your home city, although a con is that, during a war, you make it easier for your enemies to find you. You need enough planes on hand to travel freely or enough money on hand to handle travel expenses. Those costs may vary from time to time and are posted in the game.

  21. Profile Options

    You may use any of the following customizable options, which are available in "My Profile" - "Edit Profile".

    Media - You may post Media to your profile which complies with the specifications listed there. We do not host images or Flash files. You must host your own images. Furthermore, Flash files are not permitted in your profiles with TWO exceptions. You may post links to a YouTube video, and you may also visit to learn how to get a customized Flash file posted as your profile media. Posting anything outside of the posted guidelines is a Rule Violation and could result in Administrative action against you, which may include banning you from the site.

    Description - You may post up to 500 characters here. This will appear to EVERYONE in the game who checks your profile. HTML tags are not permitted.

    Family Auto Transfers - Your options are "ON" or "OFF". They are OFF by default. Automatic transfers may only happen between Family Members. If you set this option to "ON", whenever anyone in your family sends you money, you will not be required to manually accept the funds. The funds will be automatically added to your "Cash on Hand" and Net Worth. If you leave it "OFF", no one will be able to send you funds automatically. You will be required to manually accept all transfers.

    Front Page News - This option is "OFF" by default. If you like reading real life news headlines, turn this feature "ON". The News Ticker will appear at the top of the Main Menu page, after you are logged into the game, if you turn this feature "ON".

    Poker Alerts - This option is "ON" by default. We offer Poker Tournaments as a means for players to have some live interaction with others while, at the same time, allowing them to use their turns on hand to compete against others in a Tournament style setting, with a chance to win their competitors' turns. WE DO NOT GIVE AWAY turns to those who win Poker Tournaments. All turns collected as Tournament Entry Fees (100%) are split 50%, 30%, 20% to the Top Three finishers in each Tournament. If you are NOT interested in participating in Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments, please turn this feature "OFF", otherwise you will continue to receive Tournament Notifications.

    View Profile Medias - This option is "ON" by default. This option allows you to block the display of Profile Images / Medias. If you turn this feature "OFF", the following message will appear in lieu of the actual profile media: "Viewing Profile Medias Turned Off". This option is generally used by players who find certain medias offensive. It is also used by players who have bandwidth issues, and also by others who don't want You Tube videos streaming while they are listening to or watching other media.

  22. Mobster Boss Staff

    The Mobster Boss Staff list can be found on the front page. The staff members monitor your actions to make sure everyone is playing fair. It's best to stay on their good side, and treat them with respect, since their only goal is to provide you with a fun, fair game. If you have any problems, have found a bug in the game or suspect someone breaking the rules, please report it on the Mobster Gods Board, so that the staff can look into it and take appropriate action.  You can post to the Mobster Gods Board by clicking on the Mobster Gods button at the bottom of each page in the game.